10 unpleasant types of bosses (and how can you not be like that)

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10 unpleasant types of bosses (and how can you not be like that)

10 unpleasant types of bosses (and how can you not be like that)
Almost everyone has a boss you don't like at all. In our life you can often meet such people who will take away all your productivity and desire to work. 

Now, if you are a boss yourself, it is important that you know how not to make those mistakes that will make your team doubt you. Here are 10 types of bosses you shouldn't be like:

1. Perfectionist

This type of person thinks that only they are right and everyone else is doing something wrong. From the beginning he will imply that everyone around him is doing everything wrong, and will wait for the right moment to point this out to people. This type of person will believe that the work process can only be done according to their methods. He will not trust his colleagues and will think, "If I don't do it, no one else will.

How not to become such a boss: Trust your people. Accept the fact that nothing in this life can be perfect. Try to open your mind to something new. If you let your co-workers work the way they know how then you will be surprised at the results you can achieve.

2. "Friend"

Such supervisors want so badly a friendly relationship with their subordinates that work often takes a back seat. Such people have zero authority, and want to be seen as "their own" on the team. They like to joke around with their employees and at the end of the week they like to go out for a drink with everyone else. Being "one's own" on the team is so important that he has to sacrifice his leadership.

How not to be such a boss: understand that you are not a friend to your subordinates. Good communication with people is great, but you have to be able not to cross the line. Don't allow yourself to lose the respect of the team. Make your colleagues admire your professionalism, and prove your professionalism by doing things, not by going to the bar with everyone else.

3. Cantinflance

This type of boss likes to talk more than to do. He constantly calls meetings, only to talk endlessly. When he explains a task, he speaks vaguely without a clear statement of purpose. He likes to have empty conversations.

How not to become this kind of boss: Determine from the beginning the main topic of your conversation. Before you start a meeting, find the main topics of conversation that will help you come to your goal. If you want your team to get the workflow right, you need to get your thoughts right, without wasting time.

4. Tyrant

This kind of boss likes to make subordinates feel intimidated. To him, employees are servants whose only goal is to please the boss and follow all his instructions. He likes to make the people around him feel worse than he does. Sometimes he may even allow himself to humiliate a person, because it would be perfectly normal for him to yell at a person in the presence of other people.

How not to become such a boss: Understand that you cannot get respect by fear. People will never follow you if you achieve everything only through such methods. You have to put your ego or your own insecurities behind you and view employees differently. They, too, have their own ideas, dreams, and desires.

5. Operator

This type of supervisor is a workaholic, and he wants everyone around him to be like that. He may not have a personal life and will want no one else to have one either. This is the typical supervisor who may call during the weekend and want you to come to work. He often doesn't separate work and personal life, and he wants no such boundaries for you either. He will want much more from his employees than what they are willing and able to do. 

How not to become such a boss: Get your own life. Start at the beginning: You probably had to sacrifice your friends or family at some point for your own work in order for your business to thrive, but sooner or later you have to find a balance. Take care of your health and how you relate to other people, and remember that everyone has their own personal life.

6. Bipolar

These bosses are real weapons of mass destruction. They can yell for no reason, laugh, throw objects, or praise for nothing. To them, emotional intelligence is just words. They consider it a necessity to demonstrate all their feelings. Often he or she will just start screaming because of someone else's little mistake, and sometimes he or she may even cry. Such bosses will be perceived as little children.

How not to become such a boss: Before manifesting the first reaction that comes to your mind - think about what other people will see, and try to act wisely. Let your emotions not dominate you. Learn to be cooler and not make decisions in the moment.

7. Blackmailer

This is a boss who wants to please people and will tell them what they want to hear, but they won't believe it. He may make promises that he is unable to keep. He can create internal conflicts for his own benefit, the main thing is to make him look perfect for both sides.

How not to be such a boss: Be more honest. Don't give people unrealistic expectations in advance. Remember that your promise is a power that must be used wisely. If you start taking them more seriously, respect and authority among your team will come to you.

8. Lazy

Of course, you shouldn't interfere too much with your coworkers' workflow. It is necessary to give them the opportunity to do the work as they know how, but you should not completely withdraw from the work process. Such a boss abuses his or her "trust" and thinks the team will do everything for him or her. He can afford to be late or talk on the phone more often than usual. When you ask him about a situation, most often he will not know how to answer it. He doesn't like to take responsibility and things won't mean anything to him. He doesn't like to do things, can't concentrate his attention and gets distracted by little things.

How not to become such a boss: show more passion. If you are not doing your favorite thing - then perhaps you should think about changing careers. Remember that people should want to imitate you, because of your professionalism, because you are the first to come into the office and the last to leave after work. Spread your example of hard work in your team.

9 Stalker

This is one of the worst types of bosses. He often abuses his "authority" to display his worst qualities. He bullies, flirts with subordinates, and thinks he is entitled to anything.

How not to become this type of person: just learn to be respectful of the people around you.

10. Unsure of yourself

This type of boss shows himself in different ways: he can be either too arrogant or too uptight. In both cases the initial problem is insecurity. The former will express it through rudeness and humiliation of others. In this way, he will feel better about himself against the backdrop of someone else suffering. The second will constantly seek approval. He is incapable of independent decisions and will constantly doubt his actions.

How not to become such a boss: be more confident in what you do. You have some talents and your abilities, but there are also disadvantages. Work on developing your best qualities and getting rid of the worst ones.
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