Recycling of aluminium foil. Is it possible?

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Recycling of aluminium foil. Is it possible?

Recycling of aluminium foil. Is it possible?
In towns and big cities, aluminum soda and beer cans are admitted as a good material for recycling. But what we can say about recycling aluminum foil? (Some of you may call it "tin foil," but in fact it's aluminum.) 
Here's the answer, recycling of your aluminum foil is possible, but it rely on a few criterions.

Here are they:

In all kinds of recycling, you need to check your municipality's rules, as every place have their own laws. Actually, if you use a single-use/mixed system (all your recyclables go into one big garbage can), you most likely have to leave out the aluminum foil. If your program calls for you to separate metals in a separate garbage can or bag, you may be able to include aluminum foil, but however, find out if it is acceptable.

Why foil is unequal to cans?

It depends on how we detach truckloads of recycling material, the shape and density of an item is important for recycling as the original material. Sorting facilities use a series of rotating discs and bouncing conveyors to separate different materials, but their main purpose is for the common items that produce the best recycled material.

Bottles, cans and paper can be separated with relative ease. But any other items with oddly shape can really mess up the job. Unbounded aluminum foil can be tangled in the spinners. A tightly crumpled ball of foil will not behave like an aluminum can and we can't predict where it's end up. 
Plus we can say that some aluminum foil used for candy and packaging has some troubles with coatings and decorations,  food adhesions that most people don't remove can be found in foil, and mostly there are tons of different aluminum alloys that most factories don't want to combinate together.

But we have an option to recycle foil

Most of metal recyclers will accept aluminum foil. Sure, getting it into a recycler is unnecessary job, but this is most likely the only way to recycle metals that aren't average food and beverage cans. And if you collect some of them, you can earn a little money! It is our task:

Okay, if you don't want to take it into the trashcan, you can get a box to collect scrap metal, cans and food tins that aren't allowed in your average recycle process (like beans and soda cans) and aluminum foil. 

 Here we have some tips to make your recycle process much more easier: 

  • You need to check it is as pure as it can be. If it is stained with food, wash it in water, use soap if you need to, and scrub it as clean as possible.
  • Wait for it to dry and then crush your foil into a little ball.
  • If the foil lined with another material such as cardboard, and if it cannot be easily splitted from the non-aluminum, do not attempt to recycle it.
  • When you use a scrap metal recycler, it is really smart to make for them three classes: ferrous metals (which have a magnet attached to them), foil, and the other metals.
  • When you try to find out if it's worth the expence in terms of money, the scrap recycler can show you the rate at which processing is performed pay per pound for your types of metals, so you can weigh them by yourself to see what you supposed to do.
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